Thursday, 28 October 2010

A VERY quick & dirty Blacklight mani............................

So after doing my kitty claws with the blacklight mani (see most recent post) I wanted to play some more. I was running out of time last night, and just decided to try it with a Konad. I started by painting my nails, black, then did a coat of OPI DS Original, topped that off with 1 coat of the Blacklight polish. After that all dried, I Konaded with my Sinful black, and did the houndstooth design. I did attempt to put a coat of SV over it all, but it totally EFFED up the design, and smeared the blacklight polish all over the nail FAIL!! So I had to re-do them, and just forget about it being shiny. Oh well, it's still so much fun.

It did come out messier than I normally like, but it was just a quick trial. The whole thing took me around 20 min.

In the regular light

This is what was seen in the black light

Ta-da!! Hope you guys enjoy this!

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