Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Bad Fairy

So by now, I'm sure we have all heard the craze and frustrations with trying to obtain this polish. Many woman I know, had their orders cancelled, even though they placed them less than 10 minutes after it launched. It is crazy and MAC should def have knew the demand would be high, and produced more.
Unfortunately eBay scalpers have also been to blame. Such a shame. Well, I got this Monday night, and couldn't wait to try it. So after finishing my 3rd grade homework, I swear parents these days, get more than the kids, lol, I swatched it, and took about a billion pictures. I have to be honest, it is pretty, but I'm just not a huge fan, and kind of wish I passed on this. It is very foily, and has some great colors in it, from pink, orange & gold. I'm no sure what I was expecting, just more I guess. A fellow MUAer suggested I try it outside, because she too didn't like it so much inside, but when she got into her car, she loved it. So I might give it another go, when I have some errands to run. 

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