Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Official Spirit Day Mani!!! Patchwork Purples

Last night, I couldn't decide on what my purple Spirit Day mani would be. I had thought about the patchwork design for months, and decided to finally try it. What can I say.....I'm in love!!!!  You can read about Spirit Day in my previous post below if you're interested.

I started off with just a plain black

Then I used my trusty scotch tape, and taped my nail off, then used China Glaze LOL

Then again, I taped my nail off, and added China Glaze Grape Pop & this is what it looked like in the end!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about this mani!!

What do you all think????  I was asked to do step-by-step instructions with pics, on MUA, so I will be doing a pink version of this tonight. If anyone is interested, I can post them on here as well.
Thanks for looking!

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