Tuesday, 26 April 2011

bigRuby Nail Tattoos - Review & Giveaway *EDIT*


Good morning!! Okay, so I was contacted by Maria from bigRuby Tattoos, and was given the chance to review their fun nail tattoos & their top coat. Now, I was so excited, because I am all for any kind of nail art, especially easy ones! They currently have 6 different sets that you can choose from, and each set comes with 86 tattoos in both mani and pedi sizes!  I love the fact that they had different sizes, because we don't all have the same size nails. I actually even decided to use both a mani and pedi sized design for my accent finger. Yep, I'm a rebel like that, lol. I had no idea which set to even try, until I saw the Tweet set, and it had Peacock feathers!! The cost of these are $12.00 per package, but completely worth it. If you are interested in puchasing these, you can get them here. I have tried a few other brands, and always had issues with them being too thick, and not even laying flat after my SV. I cannot wait to try the others. Also a HUGE bonus about this company is this - I read this on their site, and had to share

Beauty with a conscience...

It was important to me that this business have a bigger purpose and meaning.  I decided from day one that not only would we be a cruelty-free company but that as I succeed, the things that are important to me would benefit as well.
bigRuby thinks our four-legged friends are not put on this earth to be poked and prodded for the vanity of the two-legged sort.  We pledge to always do our best to bring you products produced without the use of unnecessary animal testing.
When you buy a bigRuby product, a portion of the proceeds will go to The Kindness Ranch (a sanctuary for research animals) as well as other animal rescues.  bigRuby supports their heroic efforts in protecting those with no voice.
Please note: with every bigRuby purchase, you will receive complimentary good karma... just for caring.

I love this!

Okay, now here are all the sets they have available
You can choose from either Cosmic, Garden, Mod, Sea, Star & Tweet

I chose to start with Tweet

1st sheet of tattoos that were in the little zip lock bag

2nd sheet. Another bonus, IMO, is that I love the colors, and the designs are simple. They are all very wearable. They don't look cheap, cheesy, or over the top.

Here is their top coat. If you notice, each sheet of tattoos, also contains bulldog tattoos for the brand :)

Here are the instructions, that are inside the pack

Okay, since I knew I wanted to use the Peacock feathers, and they were a dark purple, I chose to use a light purple for my base. It is China Glaze Light As Air

After my mani dried  I cut them out, followed the steps, and got this.

If you are interested in puchasing these, you can get them here.

The effect is really great, and I'm so pleased with it. It really was so easy, and my nail does not look like I have a tattoo/sticker of any kind on it, it looks like a nail stamped design :)
Now for the top coat. I do like it & it did dry fast compared to any other regular top coat, but not as fast as my Seche Vite. It also maintained it's shininess. The smell was about 100 times better than SV though, lol. The tattoos I would def, purchase, but I would probably skip the top coat since it is kind of pricey, but then again, if you don't like the smell of SV, or you have issues, ie. shrinkage and/or polish peeling off in sheets, this might be a great alternative for you.

Now, it gets even better. Not only did I receive a set to try, but I was also given a full set for one of you!! Yep, the very kind Maria, sent me a full 2nd set of tattoos along with their topcoat. So just fill this form out, and Good Luck! Once again, this will be an easy entry, just your name and email :) The giveaway will end May 3rd @ 6:00 am, and is open to EVERYONE :)

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