Monday, 25 April 2011

Fun finds at the flea market and an amazing Giveaway!

I wanted to show you guys what I picked up at the flea market, this past weekend. I seriously love that place. It's great for people watching, shopping and food. It's only open on Fridays, so we don' get a chance to go there very often, but when we do, it's a whole day thing :) Jack likes to get chocolate covered bacon : /
Now, I tried it, and have come to the conclusion, that as much as I love bacon, and chocolate, the 2 should never EVER meet again. Oh well, makes him happy, and more for him. Well while we were there, my friends sister, spotted these, and came and got me. I was just so fascinated by the bottle on the far right, with it's unique bottle shape, and flowers in the lid.


and my new cute turtle ring that moves. I love fun unique costume jewelry

I also wanted to share with you guys, an awesome giveaway.  

Jennifer from The Looks For Less is having a big 'ol 2nd blogiversary bash this week. It's 5 Days of over $1,400 in giveaways!! Check it out here.

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