Monday, 25 April 2011

This glitter is HUNGRY!!

So I wanted to show you another Nubar that I ordered off of eBay a little while ago, called Night Sparkle. I also want to let you all know, I will get to your comments and emails today, I'm hoping. My weekend was sooo crazy, and I had no time to get on my computer. Anyways, okay, I love my Nubar glitters, but this one ate my top coat like it was no ones business!! I will show you exactly what I mean. Okay, this is what the mani looked like right after I applied 2 coats of Night Sparkle, and 2 coats of SV. So pretty :)

Then within 5 minutes, it looked like this :( See the lumps............. This is called a hungry glitter :)

Now, if you're looking for a fix, I was informed that first doing a coat of Gelous, and then your top coat, solves this. I have yet to test this out, but I'm all for trying it, next time I come across a glitter like this.

Also, keep an eye out, because I have another giveaway coming up soon :)

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