Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My actual V-Day mani + an Uh-Oh

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Okay, since my V-day outfit consist of a black dress with red lips all over it, lol, I wanted a black mani, that was a tad edgy and girlie at the same time, but nothing too crazy since my dress was full of valentine fun. It's a dress that my mom found and thought was so cute, and decided to purchase for me since it was only $10. At first I was a little nervous about it, but I actually LOVE it, and feel very festive today :) Thanks Mom!!

Okay, I started with a base of Professional 10, Pinky Promise and then using my black Konad polish and my Bundle Monster plate BM-209, I began with this.

I then added black tips with Scotch tape using Sinful's Black on Black

Finally I added a tiny cute pink bow on my ring fingers. I attached it with a small amount of nail glue, so they stay longer. I can tell you that it lasted through a shower & sleeping :)

Now for my Uh-Oh :( See my ring finger????? Well while doing my tips the first time, a piece of tape attacked my nail, and smeared the black. It was so late at night, that I was just going to leave it, and consulted Jack on it as well. He even told me to let it be, that it was no big deal. So for about 5 minutes I agreed, then went at the removal, and did it all again, lol. There was no way I could show you guys an imperfect mani :( 

Also a pic of my OOTD wearing my dress:) (please ignore my not so cute office background)

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