Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Night of Tears and Tantrums *stomps feet*

Okay, so last night I *takes deep breath* broke my middle fingernail on my left hand, MY PICTURE TAKING HAND!!! I was racing my daughter to the car, grabbed the door handle....and SNAP, off went th top half of my middle fingernail and the corner of my index, which I can deal with that one. I literally stood there whining and staring at it!! That's my, well trained, pro posing MANI HAND!!!!! Well, having the BEST hubby in the world, he ran me to Target to get some fakes, all his idea!! I was not about to file them all down to that length! He actually picked out a set, because I was still in my whining 6 year old mode, lol.

Well here is the set he grabbed

And this is the nail massacre, the horror.....(too dramatic?, lol) Sorry for the cell pic, it's all I had near me last night

I wasn't even thinking of taking pics to show the process, sorry, till it was a little late. Anyways, this is the fake nail on and filed down to the shape I like. You can also see the corner broken off my index finger :(  I had already started my mani, that's why my ring finger is painted already, ooops.

Well, here it s all done. I just did a quick coat of black, to see how it would look, and THANK GOODNESS it came out looking great!! Whew.
I just wanted to share with you all, and maybe help a fellow friend if you are ever in this horrible position.

Sorry for the screaming, but I was really upset when it happened :P

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