Saturday, 11 December 2010

Checkers anyone??

As you all know, I love using Scotch tape for my manis. Well I wanted something new, and that's when this came to mind. I used Orly Luxe and Sinfuls Black on Black. I absolutely LOVE this, and can't wait to try it with other colors. Below I also posted step by step pics, for anyone who wants to try this.

Remember to only do 1 nail at a time. I taped off the nail like so...

Then added my gold

Once you pull the tape off, you go on to do the rest of your nails, and add a coat of SV

Then I wait about 10 minutes, and then taped my nail off like so...

Added the gold...

Then pulled the tape off, as soon as I was done with the gold. Go on and finish the rest, adding a coat of SV again, when you're done

This was my final result!!

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