Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Another night, I just couldn't decide......

Today was a VERY long day. I didn't get much time at home tonight to do a mani, and the little time I had, I just couldn't decided what to do. I actually had another mani started and just quit in the middle, because I wasn't feeling it, lol. My brother, sister in-law and my niece and nephew are in town and I'm just soooo happy I get to spend time with them. It's fairly rare, since we don't live near one another. So my lack of time, and creativity is 100% worth it!!  Anyways, sorry for the babbling, here is what I settled on. I used OPI La Paz-itively Matte, Claires 14 Karats and Sinfuls Black on Black.

OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte, all alone

Then with Claire's 14 Karats for the Konad

I decided to add a coat of SV, so bye bye matte!

And, of course, black tips.

So I really hope you guys don't mind all my pictures, I just can never pick 1 or 2, and like to show you guys how my mani evolves, and not just the finished product. Please, though, let me know if I include too many pics, I mean after all, this blog is for you!! Thanks, XOXO

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