Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hey everyone!!! So you want a tutorial video??????

I want to say thank you to an amazing beauty blogger on YouTube, Brooke, from sayanythingbr00ke. This morning I noticed some new followers, and I wanted to say welcome!!! Well, I checked to see where they came from, and to my surprise, YouTube!! Now, I know a lot of you have asked for tutorial videos, but I have yet to do one, so here you go! Brooke posted this amazing tutorial video. Check it out here. The tutorial she gives you is for this mani I did. I just wanted to share, since some of you have asked for a video tut. Hope you enjoy, and BONUS, she's amazing at makeup too, not fair, lol. Although I've mastered lip gloss, lol. To those of you who have come to find me from her YouTube video, I know you've already seen this, but I just had to share with my other followers. Thanks again Brooke, you did an amazing job!

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