Monday, 31 January 2011

Possible V-Day mani and Konad tutorial

I decided to do a tutorial on nail stamping, since I have had a few request. This is the mani that I did. For this I used China Glaze Naughty and Nice as the base. Then for the red/pink lip image, I used Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Red Chrome, Silver lips are China Glaze Millenium, and the tips are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte.

I get all my items together first

This is the image plate I'm using

Once you choose the image, you take your polish and and cover the image.

Then with your scraper, you scrape over the image, removing the excess polish

Then with your stamper, you place the rubber part and press, transferring the image to your stamper

Excuse the pup hair, I didn't remove it before I took the pic, eeek

Finally, all you do, is place the stamper above your nail, where you want the image to appear on your nail, and in a rolling motion, press it onto your nail.

The best tip for stamping, is to only use 100% acetone. After you stamp, wipe the scraper and stamper onto a cotton ball/pad, that has been soaked in acetone. I use a green coaster, and pre-soak the cotton pad in acetone, and set it onto the coaster. Then after I scrape, I swipe the scraper onto the pad, removing the polish, and then after I stamp, I wipe the stamper on the pad as well. You should also clean the image plate in between each stamp. Although I'm guilty of not doing this, lol. Oh and you do need to work fairly quick, because the polish, since being so thin on your stamper, dries quick.

Here I did the rest of my nails, and then did it over again with China Glaze Millenium.

Once I'm done, I take my mani double pointed q-tips, dip them in acetone, and clean up the excess polish from stamping, around my nails. I then do a coat of SV, and TADA

Last of all, I added tips in OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

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