Monday, 14 March 2011

Let's get crafty! and a Giveaway question.

Since I'm always trying to come up with fun ways to use tape, while I was in a craft store, I saw these, and wondered why I never tried these!! These work PERFECT, and I already have the next 3 days scheduled, of manis I did with them, lol. Here are the ones I picked up, and the you can see the designs they make on the side of them. They were only $1.99 a each!!
For this mani, I started out with Sinful Black on Black
Then I decided to use this pair first :)
I just cut the tape in half, and this is what it looked like

Then taping off my nail, I added China Glaze Recycle

Then taping them off again, I added Nubar Reclaim! I'm addicted to these scissors now!

Oh and you might see some leftover glue on my middle finger, haha, I was def feeling crafty, and couldn't get all the glue off!  Ooohhh, I can't wait for you guys to see the others!!!

Okay, now I have been collecting a few polishes here and there, about 20, and am ready to host my first giveaway very soon. I would like your advice though. Would you guys prefer it to be a 1 winner giveaway, and that 1 person wins it all, 2 giveaways - that the first winner gets to pick like 10 and the 2nd winner gets the other 10, or 4 winners - with me separating the polishes into 4 sets of 5, and starting with winner 1, they can pick which set, then winner 2 can pick the next set and so on? Hope that makes sense, lol. Since this is for you guys, I would love to hear your opinions. Oh and yes, this will be open to EVERYONE :P
XOXO Erika

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