Thursday, 24 March 2011

Orly Royal Velvet gets funky...

I picked this up......I'm going to say a few weeks ago, but I can't honestly remember, at Ulta. It's part of the new collection that Orly has out. Out of them all though, once again, only 1 stood out to me, lol, and it was Royal Velvet, man, I just can't pass up a purple/blue duochrome! As always the purple was a lot easier to see in person, my camera just wanted no part of it.

Here is a bottle pic, and you can see the purple tons better, it really does look just like this on the nail.

Here is 3 coats on the nail with SV

and since i haven't done my black tips in ages, I slapped them on as well :) I really just love how Royal Velvet appears to be glowing on my nail!

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