Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yep, sexiness can come in a bottle

Last weekend while scanning my blog roll, I saw that Concrete & Nail Polish had posted about some new polishes she had added to her store, Medusa's Threads. Well I scurried on over there and saw she had some China Glaze Kaleidoscopes!! I have wanted these for quit a while, and had to grab 4. She has them at very decent prices, and last I checked, there are still a few left if you are interested.  
**For international buyers, you must contact her to place orders**

These are the 4 I got
Tickle My Triangle, Sexagon, Lets Do It In 3-D & How About A Tumble.

I wish I had this entire collection!!! I'm such a holo hoor! These are all 3 coats, and no top coat. I don't like to wear a top coat with holos, since IMO, it takes away some of the holo-ness. This does mean they don't last as long, but you could always sandwich them. Do 2 coats of the holo, 1 coat of your top coat, and then a final layer of holo over top.

This is How About A Tumble

Tickle My Triangle, hee hee, yep, my hubby had a field day with this name :P


and my fave.....Lets Do It In 3-D

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