Thursday, 2 September 2010

My night of tough that a vajay-jay on your nails? *nods* Yes it is :P

So tonight I was getting ready to do my nightly mani, and I just couldn't decide. Grrrr...I hate these kind of nights. One thing I can say, it always makes me try different things. So tonight, I have 3 different manis to share.

Okay to start off, I decided to use an untried I had. Ulta's Ultra Violet. It looks exactly like Color Club's version. This is a neon, so I had a hard time getting a color accurate pic, sorry. This is 2 coats w/ 1 coat Poshe.

Then of course, I was bored with it. So I added Color Club's Covered in Diamonds, and really liked how it looked.

But.....shocker, I wanted to Konad. So I removed the entire mani (sigh) and re-did the Ultra Violet, and.....wait for it......used the vajay-jay image from the BM16 plate. Now, I didn't come up with this name, but had heard it on MUA, and it fits! After I was done this mani, my hubbs came down stairs, looked at me....then my mani, and said 'Daddy likes', LOLOLOL, then walked back up stairs! I used China Glaze's Millenium for the design.

Alright I am finally off to bed. Night Nail world!! XOXO

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