Thursday, 2 September 2010

NOTD - China Glaze VIII w/ Amour Rain Glitter

So today I decided that since I haven't done a nail design in a while, that I needed to. I received this China Glaze VIII in a package 2 days ago, & I decided to use that. Here it is before I used Amour's Rain Glitter for my design.

VIII is a deep eggplant purple, the application was great and this is 2 coats.

Here is Amour's Rain Glitter - This is my all time favorite glitter. It's got every color in it, and it's almost completely opaque in one coat!!!

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  1. Who does this post actually belong to? If you google the title it is posted on a LOT of blogs...same pictures, same words, exact same post!!! Who is the real one who posted it?? Why plagiarize?? Be original ffs!!!